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Tooth Sensitivity Caused By Cavities, Fractures or Worn-Out Fillings

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If things like drinking hot coffee or eating ice cream causes you to wince with pain, you might suffer from tooth sensitivity.

There can be a lot of underlying causes of tooth sensitivity, including cavities caused by general tooth decay, fractured teeth with exposed dentin, old fillings that are about to fail, eroded tooth enamel and periodontal disease.

The underlying cause of the sensitivity will greatly influence the best treatment option or lifestyle change needed to improve the problem.

Immediately underneath the enamel of your teeth is a layer of dentin, sometimes referred to as pulp. This sensitive structure can be exposed by cavities, fractures and worn-out fillings.

Seeing your dentist for a filling or crown will almost always remedy this cause of tooth sensitivity. If left unchecked, the tooth decay could worsen and require a much larger filling or even replacement with a crown.

If you still have sensitivity issues with that tooth, your dentist might also recommend using fluoride toothpaste that is specially formulated for people with sensitive teeth.

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