If you have severe anxiety about receiving dental care, then come see our dentist for anxiolysis oral sedation. When you take this sedation medication before an appointment at Algiers Dental Associates, you will be able to relax and feel comfortable while receiving dental treatment. Please contact Dr. John Hobgood to learn more about the benefits of anxiolysis oral sedation.

Some patients suffer from a fear of visiting the dentist. Whether it is because they have a sensitive gag reflex or suffered from a poor dental experience in the past, they feel very anxious about receiving dental care and may avoid it at all costs. However, dental care is important for maintaining good health, so we provide anxiolysis to help nervous patients feel more comfortable.

Anxiolysis is a type of oral sedation that anxious patients can use to help them relax during procedures. This anti-anxiety and sedative premedication will keep patients conscious during a procedure, but they will feel so relaxed that they may not remember a lot about their appointment. Patients take the anxiolysis pill an hour before visiting our dentist, so they can feel relaxed by the time treatment begins. Call our office to see if anxiolysis oral sedation in New Orleans, Louisiana, is right for you.