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Tips and Tricks on How to Care for Your Dentures

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Your dentures are top-notch appliances that can replace your missing teeth, give you the smile you want and help you perform daily tasks easily. However, this is only the case if you clean and care for your dentures regularly. Denture care is important when having the best appliance possible. So, our periodontist, Dr. John Hobgood, strongly encourages you to keep your dentures in tip-top shape by doing the following things:

-Clean your dentures daily: To do so, use a soft-bristled denture brush and water. Don’t use toothpaste. Toothpaste can damage the appliance. As you brush, be careful not to bend any pieces of the denture. You should also rinse your mouth with water after each time you eat to keep them clean and pristine.

-Care for your dentures: Place a towel in the sink when you take the dentures out of the mouth. That way if you drop the appliance, you reduce your chances of damaging it. When you aren’t wearing your dentures, soak them in cool water or denture cleaning solution to keep them from drying out and warping.

-Remove your dentures every night: This can give your gums a chance to rest.

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