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Replace Your Missing Teeth with Durable Dental Bridges

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Replace your missing teeth with durable dental bridges. Dental bridges are a gorgeous and convenient tooth replacement service that will improve your smile without affecting your gums. Unlike dentures, which may be slightly unsteady while eating, or dental implants, which require a sturdy jawbone, dental bridges are directly connected to other teeth in your mouth for a durable hold that can last a lifetime. Dental bridges have the following benefits:

– Dental bridges are an excellent tooth replacement service that will mimic the look of natural teeth.

– Dental bridges can improve tasks that are affected by missing teeth, such as speaking clearly, eating, and breaking down food.

– Dental bridges can fill in gaps in your mouth left behind by missing teeth, which can create nearby teeth to shift and even augment your risk for tooth decay and gum disease.

– Missing or lost teeth can cause your face to sink in, which may make you look older, weaker, and less attractive. Dental bridges can return your face back to its normal look.

– Dental bridges can last anywhere from a decade to a lifetime.

If you have any missing teeth, it is best to have them replaced as soon as possible. Dr. John Hobgood and our team at Algiers Dental Associates are here to support and help you return to full oral health. If you would like to book a visit to our dentist office in New Orleans, Louisiana, please call us at 504-361-3277. We look forward to hearing from you soon!