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A Fractured Tooth Needs to Be Repaired by a Dentist to Prevent a Severe Cavity

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Dental fractures are often the result of a hard blow to the face, an accidental fall, or a bad habit like using your teeth to open packaging. They can vary in severity, yet all fractured teeth need to be examined, treated, and repaired by a dentist as soon as possible.

Even if you aren’t experiencing any immediate distress or discomfort, you should still seek professional care at Dr. John Hobgood’s dental office. As time passes the compromised tooth enamel could harbor bacterial residue causing a large cavity to form.

A dental filling can sometimes be used to repair a chipped tooth or a small dental fracture. If a large area of tooth enamel was damaged but the interior of the tooth is healthy, Dr. John Hobgood might recommend replacing the tooth enamel with a dental crown.

In some extreme cases, the dental fracture can be so severe that it traumatizes the internal structure of the tooth. This could cause a persistent ache, sharp pain, or extreme sensitivity. In a case like this Dr. John Hobgood might need to perform a root canal. Once the internal structure of the tooth has been restored, he can start the process of fitting the tooth for a dental crown.

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